The silent wife by A. S. A. Harrison 

In the description this book has been labeled a gripping psychological thriller though I believe this is quite a stretch. It is actually extremely slow paced with barely any major twists along the way or in the end.

But if you were to read it merely as an exploration into human nature and human relationships then the book is not a bad read. The bit I really enjoyed was how Harrison has created a sense of always keeping the reader out of the loop of what is really going on with the characters. Half formed thoughts, a steadfast shying away from self analysis, imtentionally or unintentionally burying oneself in the minutiae of routine life are hallmarks of Harrison’s characters. It is impossible to not feel a wall surrounding the protagonists of this book that can never be penetrated. We have all met people of this type. They seem normal on the surface but there is a sense of something missing. The knowledge that maybe this person isn’t aware of it either and doesn’t even want to be made aware is obvious throughout the book.

Other than that I enjoyed all the information about psychological theories etc. peppered throughout the book. My only gripe was that I would have liked the book a lot better and not felt an immense disappointment had I not been led to believe that this was a thriller with a massive twist which never came.


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